Dam Access Restrictions

The board of directors voted to restrict access to the marina to eliminate vehicle traffic on the dam. A six foot tall chain link fence will be erected on the west end of the dam and a pole and cable will erected along Lakeway Drive which will not allow vehicle on the dam, it will allow only property owners access to the marina and boat launch. 

*update This project was rumored to be scraped by the 2022 Civic org *

Peninsula Up Keep

As many have seen the peninsula is in need of some work. Areas have been washed out. and past temporary fixes have made it more hazardous with rebar hiding just below the surface of the water.

Some residents are going to take it upon themselves to widen and reinforce the banks so that it is enjoyable for many years to come.

This Project will have the approval of the ACC and NOT be funded by voluntary dues from the Lake Lorraine residents.

Project to start in the summer 2023 when the water levels are lower.
And dirt you have could be donated to the project. a staging are will be designated soon.